Relay Race Information

DESCRIPTION: A point-to-point 43.5  mile relay consisting of 10 legs of about four miles each on Sunday April 12, 2015.  Teams may have from 2 to 10 persons. Teams are allowed one vehicle in the exchange stations and that vehicle must display the supplied team number sign in the windshield. A second vehicle will not be allowed at the exchange stations.

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Registration will close when there are 3500 runners registered. In past years this has occurred as early as one month prior to the race.  We prefer you register on line. You will register your entire team at one time.  If you absolutely cannot register online print the paper registration form here and mail to Kansas City Track Club, 208 West 79th Street, Kansas City MO 64114. Make checks payable to KCTC.

FEES & DONATIONS TO CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION: Every runner will be donating a minimum of $10 to help defeat this dreaded disease. The total fee to enter is $30 + $10 = $40 per runner until midnight February 28th.  Entry fee will increase to $40 + $10 = $50 per runner March 1st. The registration site charges a processing fee that depends on your team size. Team captains should start the registration process to determine how much to collect from each teammate. If you save your login information, you can go back and complete registration at another time.  Runners also have an opportunity to donate more and the most generous team wins an award.  In 2014 we were able to donate $60,000. to Cystic Fibrosis.  The median life expectancy of someone with CF is 37 years, but we are working to add more years.


  • Food and beverage in Lawrence at Liberty Hall. An entree plus, fruit and bread. You will also receive 2 beers or non-alcoholic beverage. $13.
  • Fro’s Hideout in Linwood is having an all out party at the Six Pack Special Finish Line. Fro says he is cooking up a meal for just $13. – pulled pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, baked beans, potato salad, fruit and 2 beers or non-alcoholic beverage . AND a band. He says you can party all night if you want to.


  • Short sleeve tech tees $10
  • Unisex Long sleeve tech shirts $12
  • Hat $6

Please order everything you need when you register. If you forgot to buy shirts or meal tickets you can do it on-line- click here.


  • Two Person Team
  • Coed/Open Team
  • All Male Team.
  • All Female Team.
  • Military Team:  All runners are current members of the United States Military
  • Generous Team:  Donates more than $200 to CF.
  • Racewalkers
  • Six Pack Special: Teams of two to six can just run 6 legs.  These teams will run  legs 1,2,3,5,6,7 (drive leg 4) for a total of 27.4 miles and a faster time to the beer.  Six Pack Teams must start at 9:00 am.  You must specify that you are running the Six Pack Special when you register.  Stay in Linwood at Fro’s Hideout to celebrate afterward with great food and a band!

VEHICLES: Teams are allowed one vehicle at the exchange points and that vehicle must display the team number that we supply in the windshield. Additional vehicle will not be allowed on the course.  Large vans are okay, but please not a big bus.  Teams are asked to calculate the arrival of their runner so as not to spend a great deal of time at the exchange points. Parking is tight at every station. You may have to drop your next runner and then find a place  to park.  Do not leave your car on a street unattended or you may get a ticket. Park well off the road and resist the urge to wander out into the line of traffic.

AID STATIONS:  Aid stations will have water and gatorade for relay team members. The Solo Run will have food at the aid stations.

DROP 1- GET 1:  At the leg 9 exchange point – cars will drop their leg 10 runner and pick up a spent runner from another team. NO PARKING OR WAITING. That’s right, you’ll get into a car with strangers for the short ride to Lawrence, where you’ll hook up with your crew and head off to eat, drink and celebrate.  Details and maps in packets and here.  We tried this for the first time in 2010 and it works!

START: Military Teams start at 9 a.m.,  Out-of-town teams are encouraged to start from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00a.m. Six Pack Special Teams start at 9:00.  The start is at the Boulevard Brewery, 2501 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, MO. The closest hotels are The Westin Crown Center, Hyatt, and Best Western (on Southwest Boulevard).  Click here to see Available Parking close to Boulevard Brewery

Cut-Off Times: Based upon a 13:38 minutes/mile pace, (to finish very near 4 pm with a 6am start):

Start 06:00 AM

KC Hardwood 04.3 miles 7:00 AM Cutoff Time
Copart Auto Auctions 09.5 miles 8:10 AM Cutoff Time
Edwardsville 14.8 miles 9:20 AM Cutoff Time
Easy World 17.1 miles 9:50 AM Cutoff Time
Loring & Loring 22.1 miles 11:00 AM Cutoff Time
Tinberg Farm 25.5 miles 11:45 AM Cutoff Time
Linwood Fire House 30.3 miles 12:50 PM Cutoff Time
Milleret Farm 3 34.3 miles 1:45 PM Cutoff Time
Levee at 254th St. 38.5 miles 3:00 PM Cutoff Time
Finish at Bridge 43.2 miles 4:00 PM Cutoff Time

COURSE A & B:  To relieve the traffic congestion at certain exchange points, there will be two slightly different courses (A & B) with different exchange points. You will have to check your MAP to see if you are on course A or course B.  If your driver enters the wrong exchange point your team could be disqualified.

RELAY LEGS: See “Course Tab”  for maps.  (Aid stations subject to change)  

  • LEG 1: Blvd Brewery to Station 1, 3.9 miles, moderate.
  •  LEG 2: Station 1 to Copart, 5.3 miles, moderate.  
  • LEG 3A & 3B: Station 2 to KC Muffler, 5.4 miles, easy; or  Teech-Um 5.6 miles, easy.
  • LEG 4A & 4B: KC Muffler to 121st & Kaw, 2.3 miles easy; or Teech-Um to 121st & Kaw 2.6 miles, easy.  
  • LEG 5: 121st & Kaw to Loring & Loring, 4.7 miles, easy.  
  • LEG 6A & 6B: Loring to Tinberg farm 3.3 miles, moderate/hard;  or Shear Madness Hair 4.7 miles, moderate/hard.  
  • LEG 7A & 7B: Tinberg farm to Linwood Fire house, 4.8 miles moderate; or Shear Madness to Linwood Fire house, 3.4 miles moderate.
  • LEG 8: Linwood Fire House to Milleret Farm, 4 miles, hard.  
  • LEG 9: Milleret Farm to the Triangle, 4.2  miles, hard.  
  • LEG 10: The Triangle to the Finish line, 4.7 miles moderate.

If you drop out of the race, please give your bib number tear off tag to the closest exchange point volunteer and ask them to call Lou to let him know.

PACKET PICKUP: One team member should pick up the packet for the entire team. You must specify at which of the two GGRS below you want to pick up your packet when you register.

  • Garry Gribble Running Sports, Ward Parkway Shopping Ctr., State Line Rd. and 85th St., Saturday April 5th, Noon until 5pm.
  • Garry Gribble’s Running Sports, 839 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS, Saturday April 5th, Noon until 5pm .

AWARDS:   1st Male & 1st Female Solo • Mike Ott 1st team • 1st Female Team • 1st Generous Team     1st Military Team • 1st 2 Person Team • 1st Six Pack Special Team • 1st Race-walk Team • Dead Last Team      Plus the Jack Boyer Spirit Award & Best Team Name. Clay medallions for solo runners & two person teams.



Station                                   Miles 1st Runners Last Runners
Start                                0 06:00 AM 09:15 AM
KC Hardwood                 4.3 06:50 AM 10:40 AM
Copart Auto Auctions         9.5 07:37 AM 11:25 AM
Edwardsville                         14.8 08:08 AM 12:10 PM
Easy World                            17.1 08:27 AM 12:40 PM
Loring & Loring                    22.1 09:06 AM 01:38 PM
Tinberg Farm                        25.5 09:30 AM 01:55 PM
Linwood Fire House            30.3 10:01 AM 02:15 PM
Milleret Farm                        34.3 10:30 AM 02:50 PM
Levee at 254th St.               38.5 11:00 AM 04:05 PM
Finish at Bridge                    43.5 11:30 AM 05:15 PM

*In the final hour there will be 2 or 3 teams or solos running 15 minute miles.