Team Registration

Complete the team worksheet before you register. Team registration is simplifed if the team leader registers the entire team at once.

 Team worksheet 

  1. Go to and click the SIGN UP button
    1. If signed into RunSignUp, you can select a registrant from your RunSignUp profile.
    2. Else, fill in your information, or the first team member if registering people other than
  2. Choose your event and click Continue. This option allows you to select multiple events, please only select 1, even if you are registering multiple teams. This will lessen the confusion and make registration a lot smoother!
  3. Sign the Waiver and Continue
  4. Registration Form
    1. For Solo Registration:
      Select your start time – solo runners should expect to start at 6AM. Please let us know if this poses a problem.
    2. For Team Registration:
      Enter in your Team Name and Team Captain’s information(this can also be you-Registrant #1 or someone else on the team). Select your desired start time and then enter in the rest of your team information!
  5. Do you want to raise additional funds for CFF?! Create a new team fundraiser or select your team’s fundraiser and enter the amount you wish to donate.
    1. Optional – Create a fundraiser. This creates a personal URL where you can send out to friends, family and coworkers to help you raise funds for CFF! The second part allows you to Join a Team Fundraiser or Create a Team Fundraiser. If you wish to only create a Personal Fundraiser just for you, select No Team Fundraiser from the drop down menu. For creating a New Team Fundraiser, select New Team Fundraiser from the drop down menu and enter in a name for your team as well as a goal amount and description. If you wish to Join a Team Fundraiser, select the team name from the drop down menu.
    2. If you wish to not participate in a fundraiser or donate additional money to CFF, just click Continue without entering any information on this screen, including the Donation Amount.
  6. The next two screens allow you to purchase any Brew to Brew shirts, Meal Tickets and merchandise. These items will also be for sale at Packet Pickup if they are still available. If you wish to not purchase anything extra, just click Continue.
  7. Confirm your registration information and cart. Enter your credit card information and Confirm Payment. Congratulations, you’re all registered and set to go!
  8. Receive your confirmation! See you on race day 😉

Instructions with pictures!


Team registration this year has changed from previous years. Please email if you need assistance.