Team Registration

Creating a Team

Woohoo! You and a handful of friends decided to help tackle Cystic Fibrosis with the Brew to Brew relay! Here’s the easiest way to register for the relay!

  1. Pick a Team Captain!
    • The team captain will be responsible for:
      • Making sure each member is a willing participant
      • Ensuring the Team is COMPLETE(Correct size of team and all registration fees are paid)
      • Making sure all team members and vehicles follow the rules!
      • Picking up Team Packet at Packet Pickup
        • Don’t forget your awesome Team Captain pint glass!
        • Picking up any ordered B2B merchandise
      • Being awesome
    • Gathering all runner information and merchandise order
      • Runner Info
        • First and Last name
        • Address
        • Gender
        • Date of birth
        • Email Address
        • Phone Number
        • Agreement to the Waiver
      • How many meal tickets to order
      • How many B2B hats to order
      • How many B2B shirts to order and in what sizes!
    • Paying for registration
      • Team Captain should collect total dues from each member
      • You cannot checkout until the team is Complete
  2. Decide on the Team Size
    • You can have more than 1 team, but the max size for each team is 10 members.
  3. Log into the Team Captain’s existing Enter2Run account or create a New Account
    • Save your credentials, if you need to edit your team in any way, you will need to select the Manage Your Existing Team link on the page referenced above and login to the account that created the team.
  4. Fill out the Team Information
    • Team Name
    • Team Captain
    • Type of Team
      • Most teams will be Co-ed/Open, if you are unsure which type of team to select, choose this one
    • Requested Start Time
      • If you are a slower team, or a team that just likes to take it easy – please select an earlier start time. This allows you enough time to make it to the finish line while we’re still at the after party.
      • 6 Pack Special teams will all start at 9:00AM
    • Emergency Contact Information
      • Please pick a good emergency contact for the team – someone who is not running the relay would be a good start.
    • You can always edit this information at a later date, if needed
  5. Fill out team member participation information that was collected in step 1
    • The order of team member entries does not matter
    • Continue to add registration until your team is complete
    • When adding merchandise, do not forget to click Add to Cart or Buy Now, otherwise these items will not make it to your cart or checkout.
  6. Once you have all your team members and proper B2B merchandise added, you will be able to complete registration by clicking Checkout
    • The option to checkout will not be available until you have the required amount of members registered.
  7. Review your Cart!
    • Does each runner have their own Transaction line and Fee?
    • Does the proper B2B merchandise appear in the cart?
    • Make any necessary edits before continuing on.
    • Add a Promotion Code if you have one
      • If you end up editing a registration entry, the promo code will no longer be valid for that entry
      • After entering the promo code, click Apply. This tricky little button appears between the Promotion Code: text and the text field.
  8. Enter payment information and click Review Payment
    • Make sure your information is correct
  9. If everything is correct, click Process My Payment
  10. Sit back, relax, and wait for B2B day to come!

Adding B2B Merchandise and Meal Tickets!

  • You can add merchandise and meal tickets through any member’s registration process.
  • You can EDIT a completed registration to add merchandise and meal tickets*
    • *Do this at your own risk of editing runner information
  • In order to actually add merchandise and meal tickets to your registration, you MUST click ADD TO CART or BUY NOW after selecting the appropriate fields.
    • You want to purchase 10 meal tickets, 6 B2B hats, 3 small shirts, 2 large shirts, and 5 xl shirts.
      • Type in 10 in the Quantity to buy: under the Meal Ticket section and click Add to Cart
      • Type in 6 in the Quantity to buy: under the Brew to Brew Hat section and click Add to Cart
      • Select Small in the T-shirt Size drop down menu, select 3 in the Quantity to buy: drop down menu under the Short Sleeve T-shirt section and click Buy Now
      • Select Large in the T-shirt Size drop down menu, select 2 in the Quantity to buy: drop down menu under the Short Sleeve T-shirt section and click Buy Now
      • Select X large in the T-shirt Size drop down menu, select 5 in the Quantity to buy: drop down menu under the Short Sleeve T-shirt section and click Buy Now
      • If you want to add additional items, you can do so before continuing onto the next screen, just make sure you click Add to Cart or Buy Now
  • If you added B2B merch to your registration, your Checkout Cart will display what items were added.

Here I only added 10 Meal Tickets to my registration.

Your Team is Incomplete!

If your team is incomplete, it is most likely due 1 or a combination of these items:

  • You do not have enough members for your Team Size Category
    • If you do not have enough members and do not plan on adding any more, contact to adjust your Team Size Category
    • Otherwise if you plan on adding more members to satisfy the Team Size Category, you will need to add registration entries in order to complete your team’s registration!
  • Some or all of your team has not paid the registration fee.
    • This can happen if:
      • you paid all registration fees, but then your team size increased.
      • team members joined your team by selecting the Join an Existing Team registration link
    • If you added members before the price increase, but you did not pay the registration, all unpaid members are subjected to the increased registration fee.
    • To pay for registration, go to Checkout
  • Your team was complete, but you requested to increase your Team Size Category
    • You now fall under the “You do not have enough members” item
  • You edited and added items under 1 or more registration entries.
    • If you triggered a price change when editing an entry, you will need to pay the remaining fees to complete your team

I have 2 incomplete members since I have not paid the registration fees. Notice, I have the option to checkout since I’ve reached my selected Team Size Category.

I have 1 incomplete team member, but no way to checkout since I have not reached my selected Team Size Category.

Editing Registration Entries

If you want to change a registration entry, you may do so by clicking Edit next to the registration name. This information box will pop up. You are editing the registration at your own risk and prices can change. Please read the information box thoroughly before choosing I Accept or Close. Most Edit functions will be limited after the team has checked out and registration is completed.

Removing Team Members

If you need to remove team members because they no longer wish to participate you can click Remove next to the team member’s name.

Adding Team Members

If you need to add more team members, click Add A Member in the left side menu.

Last Words….

If you need to increase your Team Size Category to add more members or decrease your Team Size Category to complete registration, please email with either Team Captain first and last name or Team Name.
Team Captains are capable of editing, removing and adding team member entries.
We hope you found all the information you needed to help you registration your team for the Brew to Brew Relay! If you haven’t, feel free to shoot us a message at OR message us on our Facebook page