History: 1995-2014

At the conclusion of a Blue Springs 24 hour Run, March 7, 1994, Race Director Lou Joline, proposed a local point to point adventure relay like the River to River run in Illinois. The popular Free State Brewery in Lawrence, about 50 miles away, was the logical destination. There had been two fun runs to Lawrence but on very busy roads. After countless hours of trial and error, the Brew to Brew course was established along the North side of the Kansas River. Initially 45 miles then 42.5 miles, it is currently 43.5 miles.

Course records are shown in bold print below.

Two trophies have been named for departed friends: The Mike Ott Adjusted Team Award, and the Jack Boyer Spirit Award. Ruth Micheler, second solo in 1999 and 2000, died in October 2000.

1995, March 19, 45 Miles,

 254 Runners registered, 12 solo finishers, including 1 woman

Conditions: Warm and dry

1st Open Team:  The 3t’s and Ole Iron Horse, 4:41:35, R.  Wooton, T. Dixon, T. LaRocco, T. Cashman

1st Adjusted:  Our Motto is Our Slogan, 4:45:56,  (5:21:44) Mike Ott, D. Boeck, G. Wee, J. Dicker

1st Solo:  Steve  Riley, 41, Lawrence Kansas, 5:07:20 (5:22:00) (note: If adjusted for distance this would be the scratch record)   

Dead Last: Quad Quaffers, T. Mann, R.  Schroeder, K. Oxley, K. Mann. Handlers: P Schroeder, K Cairnes.

Best Name: Bud’s Wiser Men, Bud Middleton,  Bill Buchanan, Larry Blazek, Jon Cesla

Spirit Award: The AARPETTES, A. Williams, F.  Hazelrigg, M. Otte, T. Nepstad, ages 61 to 70.

Other names:  St. Paulies Dollies, The Stout, the  Pale, and the Ugly, Four Major Mistakes, The Flying Trout, Why the cows won’t eat the
hay: The Buck Naked and Bare Bottom Boozers


1996, March 17, 42.5 Miles,
701 Runners registered, 13 solo finishers, including 1 woman

Conditions:  Moderate temperature, light wind.

1st Open Team:  Mule  Track Club, 3:47:19, J. Adams, T. Beran, J. Moreno, M. Clark, J. Melly 

1st Adjusted:  Old Mules, 4:06:57 (4:19:57) Gary  Denny, Roger Hahn, Bob Busby.

1st Open Solo:  Matt  Brish, 5:14:34 (scratch course record for 42.5 miles, trophies only for  adjusted male & female hereafter).

1st Adjusted Solo:  Steve Riley, 42,Lawrence, 5:21:56 (5:36:56)

Dead Last:  Sprinting Oaks,  KC, 7:02:15 (7:06:15) Mathisen, Locke, Watkins, Moss, Freeman, Hubbard, Bowhay,  Goodwine, Waggoner

Best Name:  Joggers For Lagers, Mann,  Schroeder, Murphy, Dorfman, Hollenbeck

Spirit Award: The O’Gumps, Zellers, Malone, Santos, Smith, Reeves,  Layman, Kung, Malone, Smith, Wait


1997, March 9, 42.5 Miles,

996  Runners registered, 28 solo finishers, including 6 women

Conditions:  cool, very strong head wind.

1st Open Team: First Gear Racing, Wichita, 3:49:59, Rios, Pope, Strohman,  Halferty, Lawson

1st Adjusted:  Old Mules and a Lady, Lees Summit,  3:59:40 (4:12:40) Grey, Busby, Hahn, Denny, Brander

1st Adj. Male Solo:  Steve Riley, 43,Lawrence, 5:16:26 (5:26:26)

1st Adj. lady Solo:   Marla  Rhoden, 43, Topeka,  5:37:20 (6:17:20) (new trophy)

Dead Last:  Sprinting Oaks, KC, 7:20:13 (7:38:13) Close, Jaeger, Jaeger, Watkins, Keller, Smith, Moss, Freeman, Norris, Hubbard

Best Name: Groucho and the Guzzling Groin, Mullers, Gardner, Whittington, Payne, Nelson

Spirit Award:  Marge Adelman & Mike Hickman


1998, March 8, 42.5 Miles,

1328  Runners registered, 21 solo finishers, including 3 women

Conditions: Rain, sleet, snow, very strong  headwind

1st Open Team:  First Gear Racing , Wichita, 3:56:22,  Halferty, Rios, Strohman,  Lawson,  Llerandi

1st Adjusted:  First Gear Racing, Wichita, 4:26:28 (4:30:28), Gregory,  Trusdale, Pope, Scarlett, Schmidt

1st Adj. Male Solo,  Steve Riley, 5:31:02 (5:41:02)

1st Adj. Lady  Solo, Marge  Hickman, 6:11:55 (7:11:55)

1st Ladies Team: Three For The Road, 5:25:54 (5:51:54), Lexa  Alley, J Mullins, Janet Muse

1st Ft. Leavenworth  Team:  Heartland H.H. Harriers 5:12:22, R  Conrad, J Rovero, J Dickson, C Phillips (new category)

Dead Last:  Howling Penguins, 7:14:19  (7:36:19), Leedy, Cox, Elliff, Chapman, Palkovic, Yost, Kohn

Best Name:  Monica Brewinsky, or Ten Women Who  Didn’t Sleep With The President,

Wood, Bahr, Haynes, Wurtz, Noll, Whitehead, Schwab, Ziesman, Seitter,  Mann

Spirit Award:  The Boozin Blues Brothers, T & D  Whittington, Hadfield, Gardner, Nelson


1999, March 21, 42.5 Miles,
1160 Runners registered, 27 solo finishers, including 5 women.

Conditions: Excellent, cool, sunny, light  winds.

1st Open Team:  Garry Gribble’s Running Sports, 3:49:03,  Collins, Hacker, Schmid, Thorpe, Bennett

1st Adjusted Team: Geezer II,Wichita, 4:29:31,  (4:42:31), Grim, Revard, Jones, Gutierrez

1st  Adj. Male Solo:  Dmitry Voldman, age 45, 5:13:17 (5:33:17)

1st  Adj. Lady Solo:  Marge Hickman, age 48, 5:32:57 (6:32:57)

1st Ladies Team: Women on the Run, 4:31:51 (5:33:51), Donna  Romans, Linda Hodges, Sue Starr, Boni Wagers.

1st Ft. Leavenworth  Team: US  Army CGSC1, 4:40:55 (4:44:55) Ashworth, Powell, Penwich, Cutler, Morris,  Grimes, Quinn, Fenty, Middleton

Dead Last:  Karl’s Krew,  9:01:15 (9:45:15), Stoecklein, Courtney, Keltner, Beck, Schumate

Best Name: Keg Legs IV (Blue SpringsRunners), Gish, Cada, Bovee,  Stauffer, Anderson, Smith, Scheer.

Spirit Award:  Village People Runners, Gardner,  Hadfield, O’Reilly, Nelson, Reinhardt.


2000, March 12, 42.5 Miles,
1440 Runners registered, 26 solo finishers, including 3 women.

Conditions:   Excellent, cool, overcast, light  winds.

1st Open Team:  First Gear, Wichita, 3:51:19, Hector Rios, Wayne  Strohman, Dave Halferty, Sean Fitzgerald, Dan Lawson

1st Adjusted Team:  First Gear Team II, 4:17:39 (4:25:39), Mike  Pope, Troy Scarlett, Tom Trusdale, Jarj McFarland, Mark Barbee, Cindy Davis

1st Adj. Male Solo: Dmitry Voldman, age 46, 5:08:48 (5:28:48)

1st Adj. Lady Solo:  Julie Stilson, Manhattan KS,  age 17, 6:43:35, (7:03:35)

1st Ladies Team: Ladies First, 4:40:33, (5:16:33), Lexa  Alley, Kathy Johnson, Shari Woiwood, Janet  Muse, Carol McFall

1st Ft. Leavenworth  Team: Gimlets, 4:43:05, (4:43:05), Mike Jacobucci, Jim Mingus, Mark Suich, Mike  Rose, Tom Roth.

1st Fund Raising Team: Modified Virgins, 4:56:08 (5:20:08), Dan Kovacs, Susan Mathews, Sherri  Wattenbarger, Liz Bynan, Max Harris

Dead Last: Karl’s Krew,  9:02:43 (9:40:43), Patti Courtney, Beth Stoecklein, Stephanie Beck

Best Name:  The Bold and the Brewtiful, Guhr,  Ratzlaff, Bergen,  Truax, Hurlbutt, Grammer, Norman

Boyer Spirit Award: Ready to Run, Julie Westphal, Angel Murphy,  Alexis Dendvinelis, Denise Seuern, Susan Suwalsky, Annette LeTournear

2001, March 11, 42.5 Miles,
1405 Runners registered, 25 solo finishers, including 3 women.

Conditions:  Good, cool, overcast, light winds.

1st Open Team: First  Gear, Wichita,  3:42:32, Dave Halferty, Wayne Strohman, Brian Jensen, Hector Rios, Nathan
(Although a record time, the lead  teams deviated from the official course)

1st Adjusted Team: First Gear Masters, 4:04:33 (4:22:33), Jack  Marvin, Tom Trusdale, Gene Rath, Lindon Bontz, Steve Palmer

1st Adj. Male Solo:  Raul Flores, Leawood, age 45, 5:47:36  (6:07:36)

1st Adj. Lady Solo:  Gwen Heist,St. Charles, age 34, 6:42:23 (7:02:23)

1st Ladies Team  Wichita Genesis Racing  Ladies, 4:17:41 (4:41:41) Tammy Allen, Shelly Strohman, Molly Lavacek, Stephanie Duethman, Kara McCluskey

1st Leavenworth  team: Triathlon Club, 4:21:50 (4:23:50) Bill Sternhager, Matt Carraw, Carl  Fischer, Ken Riggsbee, Todd Brown

1st Fund Raising Team: Heart and Soul Classics, 4:31:47  (4:52:47) John Garrison, Greg Hartman, Don Turner, Stan McCormack, Doug  Davidson

Dead Last: Kazoolapalooza,  Cedar Rapids Iowa, Anne Chapman, Sandra Mooney, Josh Saak, 8:59:52 less 14 min  handicap = 8:42:52

Best Name:  ET TU, BREWTAY? Paul Churchill,  Colby Mathews, Greg Mathews, Steve Mathews, John Robertson

Boyer Spirit Award: Village Runners, Steve Maddy, Jay Reinhardt,  Bob Dwenger, Mike Gardner, Mike Gillespie


2002, March 10, 43.5 Miles,
1683 Runners registered, 40 solo finishers including 12 women.

Conditions:  Good running weather, moderate  winds.

1st Open Team:  Mule Track Team, Warrensburg, 3:56:28,  Jamie Moreno, Paul Orscheln, Matt Lucas, Justin Adams, Paul Bennett

1st Adjusted Team: Heart and Soul Classics: 4:08:36 (4:56:36)  Dick Wootton, Mel Yoder, Dmitry Voldman, Don Turner, John Garrison

1st Adj. Male Solo:  Todd Nott, Plattsmouth NE,  age 37, 5:45:25 (5:45:25)

1st Adj. Lady Solo: Barb Schupp, Prairie Village KS,  age 45, 5:46:50 (6:46:50)

1st Ladies Team   Ladies  First, 4:16:37 (5:14:37), Carol McFall, Lexa Alley, Julia Scherer, Shari Woiwood, Kathy Johnson, Janet Muse.

1st Leavenworth team:  Speed, Quantity, Quality: Pick One, 4:47:15 (4:54:15) Phil Swinford,  Chris Argo, Tom Powell, Taylor Gray, John McCoy, Mark Boyd, Trish Hanley, Bob Hanley.

1st Fund Raising  Team: Tadic Aviation, 5:02:59 (5:40:59) Jeanne and Steve Brockway, Tim Wigger,  Haln Cosgrove, Jerry Robison

1st Two Person  Team:  Sandrats, 4:46:34 (4:56:34) Steve  Riley,Lawrence, Matt Brisch,Kansas City,KS

Dead Last:  Washburn Marathon  V, 8:37:53 (8:49:53) Debbie Schwalm, Regina  Cassell, Daniel Kurtz, Mike Acord, Jen Bruntmeyer

Best Name: Take Two Pils for what Ales Ya;  Frank Dayton, Joan Morris, Manhattan  Kansas

Boyer Spirit Award: Omaha H3 Virgins: Michael Morris, Cathy Mann,  Jack Caniglia, Dave Phipps, Bill Lamme, Mark Goforth, Ken Curran, Dan Lucas, Lisa Riley, Teri Harper


2003, MARCH 9, 42.5 Miles,
2088 Runners registered, 46 solo finishers, including 9 women.

Conditions:  Sunny,  cold, winds out of the north.

1st Open Team: Metro Walk and Run Elite, Kansas City, 3:48:17, Phil Hudnall,  Rikki Hacker, Nate Stroot, Misgina Kifleyesus

1st Adjusted Team:  First Gear Racing Team: 4:25:48 (4:41:48) Wichita, Greg Rockers, Tom Trusdale, Bill  Bryant, Gene Rath, Lonnie Awtrey.

1st Adj. Male Solo:  Raul Flores, Leawood, age 47, 5:50:29  (6:10:29)

1st Adj. Lady Solo:  Barb Schupp,Prairie Village, 5:47:15 (6:47:15)

1st Ladies Team:  Brewster Babes, Wichita,  4:21:01 (4:49:01) Tammy Ritchie, Kara McCluskey, Mary Grene, Molly Lavacek,  Steph Duethman

1st Leavenworth Team: Sloan’s Slow-Pokes,  4:55:39 (5:15:39) Mike Sloane, Chris Thornton, Nan Schoen, Debbie Sloane, J.  Thornton

1st Generous Team   Built to Run, Born to Drink II, North K.C., 4:34:33 (4:51:33) Pat  Walsh, Pat Merrigan, Pam Blake, Zak Breitenstein

1st 2-3 Person Team Sandrats, Lawrence  KS, 4:36:13 (4:46:13) Steve Riley,  Gregory Burger

Dead Last:  Disney  Chicks, 9:41:47 (10:55:47) Dawn Green, Marla Thompson, Betsy Repine, Marianne  Skorupsky, Amy Russell, Bobby
Thrutchley, Ann Lento, Bev Cohen, Lucille Scott.

Best Name:  Beer  Today, Gone to Lawrence.  Peggy Petroff, Brian Petroff, Zeyna Pruzhanovsky, Bob Frence, Roy Graham, Robin  Marks, Ramsey  and Kevin McIntire.

Boyer Spirit Award: Hunka  Hunka Running Elvi: Mark Pfeifer, Mike Gardner, Jay Reinhardt, Steve Maddex,  Steve Hilger


2004, MARCH 21, 43.9 Miles,

2048 Runners registered, 32 solo finishers, including 8 women

Conditions:  Sunny, cold, winds out of  the north.

1st  Open Team  Four Fast Majors and an  old doc, 4:06:20, Ted Leblow, Greg Worley, Brian Foley, Marty Muchow, Craig  Webb.

1st  Adjusted Team  Sandrats, 4:12:18 (4:18:18),  Lawrence: Steve  Riley, Paul Boone, Tom Kreissler, Greg McMillan

1st  Adj. Male Solo:  Clay Dickason, 5:18:17  (no handicap)

1st  Adj. Lady Solo:  Dawn Long, Poplar WI,  6:16:28 (7:16:28)

1st  Adj. Ladies Team  Metro Walk  & Run Ladies, 4:21:24 (4:57:24) Julia Scherer, Shari  Woiwood, Kim Fritzi, Melissa Todd, Heather Cruz

1st Leavenworth  Team   Four Fast Majors and an old doc, 4:06:20, also first  open team, see members above.

1st  Generous Team   Ubermenschlich, 4:22:07  (4:25:07) Brian Blank, Brian Gamel, Aaron Medsker, Matt Mabrey, Ryan Ferrell,  Eva Ellingsworth

1st  2-3 Person Team Scott Wilson Team, 4:53:58 (zero hcap) Scott  Wilson, Ben Schloegel

Dead  Last  Boulevard  Wheat: 9:03:50 (9:39:50) Pamela Downs, Courtney Wassom

Best  Name:  Started Stout, Finished  Ale’n, Jill Lohmeier (Capt.) Jeanne Hendrickson, Steve Lohmeier, Lauren  Yoshinobu Buskirk.

Boyer  Spirit Award  Hunk a Hunk of Running Elvi:  Mark Pfeifer, Mike Gardner, Jay Reinhardt, Steve Maddex, Steve Hilger


2005, MARCH 20, 43.2 Miles,

2078 Runners registered, 30 solo finishers, including 6 women

Conditions:  Sunny,  cold, winds out of the north.

1st Open Team  Mule  Track Club, Warrensburg, 3:51:34, Brett Palmer, Justin Adams, Jamie Moreno, Jay Hill, Mike Knutson

1st Adjusted Team  Haulin Asprin 3:56:12 (4:20:12) Mark Fuchs, Rob Marriott, Terry  George, Terry Drake, Chris Nichols

1st Adj Male Solo:   Todd Nott, Plattsmouth  NE, Age 40: 5:24:21 (5:34:21)  (also won in 2002)

1st Adj Lady Solo:  Dawn Long, Poplar  WI, Age 49: 6:07:47 (7:07:47)  (also won in 2004)

1st Adj Ladies Team Run Lawrence:  5:16:25 (6:16:25), Dee Boeck, Brenda Groskinsky, Karen Hyde, Karen Braman, Lori  Cackler

1st Leavenworth Tm AUSA Henry Leavenworth Chapter, 4:17:11 (4:17:11), Liam Collins,  Jason Cummins, Dave Doyle, Frank Sobchak, Dave Chipchase.

1st Generous Team   Fro’s, Bros, & Does: 3:17:47 (7:31:47) Amy Crane, Steven  Campbell, Emily vosseler, Shirley Vosseler, Tommy Vosseler,  Janie Plance, Stacy Plance, Simon Galigar, Steve Moore. (over $2300 raised for Cystic Fibrosis)

1st 2-3 Person Team Team Enduro, 4:30:28 (4:35:28), Scott Wilson and Ben Schloegel (also  won in 2004)

Best Name  SCHLITZ  HAPPENS; David Leuck (Capt) Doug Monroe, Dana Monroe, Bill Perry

Boyer Spirit Award  Brews  Brothers & Choir; Jim Boggs, Greg Crader, Dave Schieffer, Angie Reinhardt,  Elaine Knoepfle, Laurie Leet, Karen Parker, Nancy McDonald, Kristen Hellstrom.

Dead Last Team  Bru20;  8:22:04 (8:38:04) April Nooteboom, Amber Young, Rene Maldonado


2006, MARCH 11, 43.2 Miles,

2576 Runners registered, 39  solo finishers, including 12 women. Conditions: overcast, cold

1st Open Team Mule  Track Club, Warrensburg, 3:45:15, Jamie Moreno, Justin Adams, Brett Palmer,  Braycd Forsha, Paul Orscheln

1st Adjusted Team   Beardsicles and Turtle Heads, 4:30:31, Dimitry Voldman, Terry  Drake, Greg Schultz, Chris Glatt, Rob Marriott

1st Adj Male Solo Todd Nott, Plattsmouth NE, Age 41, 5:33:45 (also won in 2002 and  2005)

1st Adj Lady Solo:  Marla Rhoden, age 50, 6:15:53 new course record, old course record Marla Rhoden 6:17:20 in 1997

1st Adj Ladies Team Run Lawrence, 6:07:13, Dee Boeck, Karen Hyde, Brenda Groskinsky,  Karen Braman, Lori Cackler

1st Leavenworth  6-Pack, 4:23:48, Paul Scott, Pat Howell,  Carl Fischer, Jim Wilburn, Chris McGowan, Jon Steckbeck

1st Generous Team   Fro’s Froggies, 7:53:32, Amy Crane, Greg Campbell, Steve Campbell,  Elaine Jarvis, Shirley Vosseler, Tom Vosseler,  Janie Plance, Stacy Plance, Chris Plance, Eddie Geris

1st 2-3 person Team   Sandrat Two, 4:54:25, Paul Boone, Dan Kuhlman, Keith Dowell

Best Name  AMSTEL  TIRED FROM LAST YEAR; Sarah Roads, Damien Mitchel, Angela Carroll, Shelby Thomas

Boyer Spirit Award  Garry Gribble’s AARPettes, Trudy Nepstad, Fritzi Hazelrigg, Mary Otte, Laverne  Aufmuth, Barb Bridges

Racewalkers   Perpetual  Pedestrians Prevail, 8:49:03, Alan Poisner, Phillip Jacobs, Amy Christensen,  Eileen McManus, BJ Thornburg

Dead Last Team  Two left brains, 9:12:47, Marnie Winters, Nikki Parkhurst


2007, APRIL 1, 43.2 Miles,

3146 Runners registered, 39 solo finishers, including 12 women.

Conditions: overcast, cold

1st Open Team  Big  River Running Co.4:04:26, Matt Helbig, Michael Aitken, Michael Nelson, Brian  Lyons, Tim Bradley

1st Adjusted Team  No Billy Goats Allowed, 4:11:51 (4:53:51) Rob Marriott, Greg  Schultz, Terry Drake, Chris Glatt, Cindy Cameron, Chris Nichols

1st Adj Male Solo  Bill Woolsey, KC, MO, age 55, 6:45:54, (7:35:54)

1st Solo scratch  Tray Vedock, age 39, 6:57:10.

1st Adj Lady Solo:  Jacque Jackson, age 39, Lees Summit, 7:15:31 (7:35:31)

1st Adj Ladies Team Big River Running Co Ladies, 4:35:56 (4:55:56) Margaret Lyons,  Jennifer Tesmer, Katie Sutton, Meredith Dobson, Jenna Boerboom

1st Leavenworth  Team Tortoise, 5:14:58 (5:14:58) Dave McGurk, Chas Velino,  Aaron Reisinger, Fred Dufault, Oscar Diano, Eric Walker, Don Cournoyer

1st Generous Team   Marsha’s Team, minus 5:48 (6:14:12) (donation $3500)  Christy Scott, Stuart Ray, Dave Grossi, Carl  Owczarzak

1st 2- person Team   Sandrats 5:02:58 (5:17:58) Steve Riley & Tom Kreissler

Best Name  Brew  Man Group: Shane Boos, Darin Knipp, Eric Carter, Pam Kramer, Marty Gagnon, Brad Loney

Boyer Spirit Award  Brontosaurous Burgers: Jeremy McGuire, Jennifer Kirby, Rich Ward, Bill Bonilla, Tom McNew,  Suzette McGuire, Dawn Dosier, Tuan Nguyen, Jeff Kirby

Racewalkers  Walkers Without Wheels, 8:05:34 (9:37:34) Foreest Weddle, Ruth Weddle, B.J. Thornburg,  Nancy Perih, Steve Gatthauer.

Dead Last Team  The AARPettes: 9:10:18 (11:50:18), Laverne Aufmuth, Barb Bridges, Fritzie  Hazelrigg, Trudy Nepstad, Mary Otte


2008, APRIL 6, 42.0 Miles,

5 person max team size, 1986 runners, 52 Solo finishers, including 11 women

Conditions: ideal running conditions.

1st Open Team Columbia Track Club, 3:54:38, Patrick Hanson, Matt Dreier, Eric Bunch, Steve MacIntyre,  Jamie Moreno

1st Adjusted Team  Dreamboat Geezers: 4:19:09 (4:47:09) Rob Marriott, Greg Schultz, Terry Drake, Chris Glatt, Dmitry Voldman

1st Adj Male Solo   Thomas Whalen, St.   Louis, age 42, 5:02:46 (5:12:46)

1st Adj Lady Solo  Colleen Dulin, Denver, age 39, 6:42:40 (7:02:40)

1st Adj Ladies Team Garry Gribble’s Team, 4:35:43 (4:55:43) Connie Abbott, Laura Major,  Dena Seibel, Kim Reetz, Jessie Violand

1st Leavenworth Team IDAS, 5:25:19 (5:28:19) Mark  Huhtanen, Chris Baer, Rob Pickel, Greg Dutka, Jon Baker

1st Generous Team   Marsha’s Team minus 2:19:54 (6:04:06) (donation $4725) Christy  Scott, Stuart Ray, Dave Grossi, Carl Owczarzak, Lisa Collins

1st 2-person Team    Team 180-IIm 4:57:58 (5:12:58) Tim Biscan, age 51, Materman, age 29,ColumbiaMO,

Best Name  Our Heinekan, can yours? 6:13:53 (6:51:33) Mike Deghelder, Bill McClane, Ken Weiner, Rob Pershall

Boyer Spirit Award  UMR Alumni, 5:00:30, dressed as bottles of beer: John Borthwick, Josh Sales, Steve  Kerr, Tyler Vrooman, Dan Bailey.

Racewalkers Primary Perpetual Pedestrians, 7:45:06, 9:07:06) Alan Poisner, Phil Jacobs, Kiara Bunton,  Nancy Perih, Bob Kremer

Dead Last Team   2 Fierce 2 Brew: 8:54:38 (9:04:38), Jody Craig, age 30, Bryan Willnerd, age 36,Overland Park


2009, APRIL 5, 43.4 Miles,

2844 runners registered, 50 Solo finishers, including 9 women

Conditions: Nice at 6 AM, becoming wet, cold and windy by 10AM, with some hail and sleet.

1st Open Team  TALL  GRASS BREWING CO. 4:27:57; Trey Vernon, Ben Sigle, Kory Cool, Ryan Ripley, Amy Mortimer, Taylor Coate

1st Adjusted Team    TEAM SHAKE AND BAKE: 4:21:21 (4:37:21): Angie Bailey, Geoff  Bailey, Jessica Bell, Jamie Keisker (F), Marsha Larimer.

1st Adj Male Solo   Andrew Henshaw, age 23, 5:11:00 (5:11:00),  New Course Record

1st Adj Lady Solo  Patricia Bleckman, age 39, 7:28:37 (8:08:37)

1st Adj Ladies Team CHEEKY CHICKS: 4:30:52 (5;10:52): Raquel Stucky, Tammy Ritchie, Mary  Grene, Steph Gill, Molly Lavacek

1st Leavenworth  TEAM PEASANT: 5:59:59 (5:59:59): James Scrogin, Shawn Kirkpatrick, John Steen, Jon Biehl, Andy Lee, Jerry New

1st Generous Team   Marsha’s Team  0:22:46 (6:54:46) $3,522 donation: Christy Scott, Stuart Ray, Sherry Blankenship,  Barbara Ray, Carl Owczarzak, Lisa Collins, Judy Stanton, Dave Grossi.

1st 2-person Team    Menace to Sobriety, 4:49:54 (4:49:54) Jason Moritz and partner

Best Name   BREWS YOUR DADDY, 6:13:53 (6:51:33), Mike Deghelder, David Deghelder, Bill McClane,  Ken Weiner, Rob Pershall

Boyer Spirit Award  Not awarded

Racewalkers   Perenial Perpetual Pedestrians, 8:44:51 (10:04:51) Alan Poisner, Phil Jacobs, BJ Thornburg, Susan Rico, Laurie Bell

Dead Last Team  Lisa Gorsuch Team, 9:31:05 (10:01:05), Lisa Gorsuch, remaining  names unknown (still out on the course)


2010, APRIL 11, 43.4 Miles,

3035 runners registered, 52 Solo finishers, including 11 women

Conditions: unseasonably warm, with 15 to 20 mile winds.

1st Open Team  UMR Alumni, 4:45:39, Steve Kerr, Joffroi Holcombe, Chris Thielker, John Borthwick, Dan Bailey

1st Adjusted Team   WAR-LEX-MAR-LEE: 4:31:12 (5:03:12) Rod Williams, Jack Uhrig, Steve Terry, Ed Lunsford, Paul Brown

1st Adj Male Solo  David Bock, Lenexa, age 50, 6:16:24 (6:46:24)

1st Adj Lady Solo Christina Roberts, age 23, 7:34:15 (7:54:15)

1st Adj Ladies Team CHEEKY CHICKS:4:17:44 (5:05:44) Raquel Stucky, Tammy Ritchie, Mary Grene, Steph Gill, Kara McCluskey

1st Leavenworth  LEAVENWORTH 13A: 4:10:37 (4:27:37) Marc Shafer, Leslie Desander, Nate Goudall, Nick Numgrick, Al Tabarez, George Hodge

1st Generous Team   MARSHA’S TEAM: 2:15:22; ($2,500 donation) Christy Scott, Barbara Ray, Lisa Collins, Judy Stanton, Sherry Blankenship

1st 2-person Team    FRENCH AND EASTMAN: 5:16:30 (5:26:30) Jeff French and Patrick Eastman, Laramie, WY.

Best Name   MORE ALE MAJORITY, 6:43:19 (7:14:19) Craig Watz, Russ Pedersen, Tom McHugh, Paul Griffin, Kent Foster, Bob Barton

Boyer Spirit Award  THE WARRIORS, Ft. Leavenworth: Smith, Purchase, Grown, Street, Nishimoto, Ott, Forsman, Morris, Briggs, Sgt Tim Danuser

Racewalkers Perpetual Pedestrians, 7:52:18 (9:38:18) Alan Poisner, Phil Jacobs, Nancy Perih, Fred Adams, Barbara Schwartz

Dead Last Team   K2J2 NELSON: 9:46:44 (10:34:44), Katherine Nelson, Kevin Nelson

Six Leg Special:  RIGHT TURN CLYDE: 3:43:50 (3:47:50);  Matt Smith, Rich Shrock, Valerie Dartt, Adam Wesley, Wellan Cowan


2011, APRIL 3, 43.4 Miles, 4111 runners registered, 50 Solo finishers, including 9 women

Conditions: Unseasonally warm with 15 to 20 mph winds.

1st Open Team             WJC Alumni 1, Eric Bunch, Chris Weseloh, Pat Hanson, Gregg Ziegler, Steve Macintyre, 5:05:17

1st Adjusted Team       The Sandrats, Steve Riley, Bill Skorupski, John Mattes, Dough Stoll, Lori Norwood  4:43:34.

1st Adj Male Solo        Brooks Williams, 5:35:31 (a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer)

1st Adj Lady Solo       Vicky Shupe, 7:26:15

1st Adj Ladies Team    CHEEKY CHICKS: 4:18:47: Raquel Stucky, Tammy Ritchie, Mary Grene, Steph Gill, Kara McCluskey

1st Leavenworth          TEAM Volun’told Lowell Solien, Crayton Simmons, Brit Erslev, Chris Budihas, Myron Reineke, John Hawbaker, Doug Richter,

Steve Pelicano Thomas Bruscino, Theresa Simmons, Crayton Simmons, 6:01:59

1st Generous Team      The Brew Dogs,, Eric Roadman, Drew Clippard, Aaron & Virginia Ripley, Talva Parker, &  Briana Hepfin  5:07:05

1st 2-person Team        Runners Roost, Ft. Collins: Steve Folkerts, Mike Enger, 5:32:32

Best Name                      Fem Ales, Elizabeth Smith, Susan Stover, Karen Camarda, Tara Mahin, Ellen Jensen , Kris Cravin, Claudia Elkins,m Cathy Colgazier

Boyer Spirit Award    The Thong Distance Runners, Katie Cook, Allison McCleish, Janna Zimmerman, Starla Brown, Cara Wagner, Kelli Baker

Melissa Cain, Holly Admire, Sally Schrumm.

Racewalkers                Walking Warriors, Mark Landry, B.J. Thornburg, Chuck Aarrelli, Julie Haller, Lee Debavit 8:24:41

Six Leg Special           Tiger Blood DNA, 3:25:43 Jesse Valdez, Craig Walion, Wade Bebemrf, L Webver, Jarrah Kennedy,

Dead Last Team          Badasses, 9:46:21, Amy Girard, Lori White, Jennifer McClure, Sharon Zehr, Renee Rodgers, Eric Henry, Gina Graham, Rikki Kite.


2012, APRIL 1, 43.2 Miles, 4411 runners registered

Conditions: unseasonably warm, with 15 to 20 mile winds.

1st Open Team             Nate Michel’s Fantasy Factory: Ryan Ferrell,Tyler McLenon,Kelly McLenon,Brad O’Bryhim, & Molly Lack 3:39:55

1st Adjusted Team       Rampage 3:59:16

1st Adj Male Solo         Ryan Regnier 5:37:18

1st Adj Lady Solo       Cara Cockrill 7:14:48

1st Adj Ladies Team    Footloose and Frothy   Brooke Fontana, Jenni Hamaker, Tai Downs,  Amy Reeves, & Brandi Roeber 5:14:02

1st Leavenworth          CGSC Team 22 : Lowell Solien, John Schoen, Nan Schoen, Madison Schoen, Rob Mikaloff, Jim Mikaloff, Tommy Elmer, & Eric Solien 5:25:06

1st Generous Team      Hawks on Parade:  Amy Tobia, Alex Tobia, Kristin Wong, Dena Broderick, Matthew Broderick, Jessica Soper 3:33:45

1st 2-person Team        Beauty & the Beast:    Marty Sutlief, Carolyn Bidwell    5:08:58

Best Name                      1st: Restless Keg Syndrome, 2nd: The Yeast of your worries, 3rd No beer left behind, 4th Running fast so we don’t get Pabst

5th: Go with the grain, 6th Ale Always beer yours, 7th: Brewed awakening

Racewalkers                Perpetual Pedestrians,  Alan Poisner, Phil Jacobs, Nancy Perih, Fred Adams, Barbara Schwartz   7:52:18

Dead Last Team          Brew Crew 2  Laura Rogers, Ammanda Warren, Bryan Hay, Charlie Quinsay, Travis George 10:14:46

Six Leg Special:          Team Morning Wood: Jared Palan, Ian Hartsig, Brent Blazek, Matt Rosentreter 4:09:10


2013, APRIL 1, 43.2 Miles, 3461 runners registered

Conditions: unseasonably warm, with 15 to 20 mile winds.

1st Open Team             WAR-LEX-MAR-LEE: Rod Williams, Ed Lunsford, Paul Brown, Jack Uhrig, Steve Terry 4:09:20

1st Adjusted Team       UMR Alumni: Steve  Kerr, Dan Bailey, Joffroi Holcombe, Kevin  White, Kevin McGuire, Brett  Agee 4:41:56

1st Adj Male Solo        Zachary Breitenstein 6:03:47

1st Adj Lady Solo

1st Adj Ladies Team    Chicks on Speed: Andrea Greenhoot, Erika  Nilles-Plumlee, Denise Severn, Brandy Brandt, Cara Nossaman-Anderson, Christi Douglas, &                                                                      Rachel Zimmerman Hannah Hurst, Meredith Beightel, & Kelli Bates   5:05:02

1st Leavenworth           Caspian Honey Badgers: Eric Minor, Hannon Didier, Kelly French, Richard Bell, Carrick McCarthy, Jeff Brown, Colin Mahle, Jon Kluck  &Matt                                                        Shifrin 5:28:26

1st Generous Team      The Brew Dogs:  Chevy Cargol, Drew Clippard, Talva Parker, Shelley Reed, Aaron Ripley, Virginia     Ripley, Eric Roadman. 4:19:12

1st 2-person Team        The Sunflower Girls: Natlie Harris and Jane Johannsen. 6:07:55

Best Name                          Off Like a Prom Dress

Boyer Spirit Award    Good Dudes & Bad Dudes : Scott Broome, Ricky Brown, Arianna Levin, Bill Toft, Holley Barnett, Jared Woods, Cole Hawver, Thomas Owens,                                                           Gregory Bribiesca, Michelle Mazur, Robert Parker, Emily Klenda, Zachary Waldron, Kelly Morris, Cherish Woods, Ellen Drummond, Jereme                                                       Leason, Heraclio Castillo, Adam Runner, & Ben Adams.

Racewalkers                Wiz Bang: BJ Thornburg, Sunday Cavallaro, Lynn Sandbeck, Fred Adams, Raj Dandi  7:19:18

Dead Last Team          Little Blue Crew 4: Rick Troeh, Stephen Losey, Andrea McGehee, Amanda Hall  8:58:30

Six Leg Special:          MVP Law Team 1: Jodi Fox, Jeff                  Fox, Greg Worth, Eric Lanham, Teresa Mata, Cari Walsh 3:39:33