WHEN IS THE RUN? Sunday April 3rd for Relay Runners and Solo.

WHAT CHARITY IS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS RUN?   The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) benefits from this race.  Ten dollars of each registration goes directly to CFF.  Individuals may also donate an additional amount if they would like.  Teams are given the opportunity to become a “Generous Team” by raising money through extra donations or fundraising.  A link to make additional donations or form a fundraising team will be posted here when registration opens.

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?   Regardless of the amount raised, the Kansas City Track Club will donate a minimum of $10,000 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  In 2015, we were able to donate $40,000.  We also provide aid along the course for solo runners, shirts for all volunteers, and provide a meal for volunteers to thank them for helping us make this possible.

WHAT DOES THE $13.00 FOR FOOD AND BEVERAGE GET YOU?  A bowl of chicken and crayfish gumbo or vegetarian lentil stew, bread, fruit, and two mugs of beer or soft drink, an excellent value since the gumbo is $9.95 by itself on the Free State menu. If you need a gluten free option, you can combine the rice from the gumbo with the lentils for a tasty meal and FreeState has one gluten free beer option. Serving hours are 12 noon to 5pm.

WHAT IS THE SURFACE LIKE?  18 miles of the 45.3 miles are dirt or gravel, the rest is the shoulder of the road, part pavement, part gravel. See the course page for more detail.

TRAFFIC CONTROL   Team cars are our biggest problem and the biggest threat to the continuation of the race. Only one vehicle is allowed in the exchange point. If you need an additional vehicle to carry your team, please make sure it stays off the course and doesn’t enter an aid station.  Please no buses or very large vehicles. Do not stop in odd places. Do not try to follow or lead your runner in the car, solos included. Obey the volunteers. Cross the RR tracks only if you can get completely over them without stopping. You must follow traffic laws.

WHAT IS A TEAM? Teams can be from 2-10 runners. If you have more than 10 runners that want to run, create 2 teams.  To relieve traffic at certain exchange points, there will be two slightly different courses; Course A and Course B.  Teams will be responsible for identifying and staying on their assigned course.  If your driver enters the wrong exchange point your team could be disqualified. Leg 7 crosses Stranger Creek in a rubber boat.  You may elect to run on K32 instead but it is an extra mile long. Total length is now 43.5 miles as measured with a Garmin GPS using the boat. There is also the “Six Leg Special”, where teams of two to six can just run 6 legs.  Teams of 2 to 6 runners choosing the Six Leg option, will run only legs 1,2,3,5,6,7 (omit leg 4 – drive it) for a total of 27.4 miles.  Six Leg Teams must start at 9:30 am.  You must specifiy that you are running the Six Leg Special when you register. Solos can also run the six leg special if they want to choose a shorter distance (approximately a marathon).

I AM RUNNING LEG X FOR MY TEAM, HOW DO I GET THERE?   Each team should have only one vehicle which carries runners and their supplies to the exchange point. The car parks responsibly near  the exchange point and sends out two runners: one to run and the other to lead the finished runner back to the car.

CAN YOU CHANGE RUNNERS IN THE MIDDLE OF A LEG?  You can split a leg, you can have two runners run together, or pretty much anything you wish as long as you are not competing for first place in one of the performance divisions: first scratch team, first ladies team, first mixed team.

CAN WE SUBSTITUTE A RUNNER ON THE DAY OF THE RACE IF A RUNNER BACKS OUT?   Yes, but you must let us know the team name, number, the name of the runner not running, and the name, age, and gender of the runner being substituted.

CAN TWO PEOPLE SPLIT A LEG?  And CAN A WHEELCHAIR  PARTICIPATE?  Yes to both, except for elite teams. Legs three, four five and ten are suitable for splitting or for a wheelchair.

CAN I HAVE A PACER? Pacers are welcome as long as they are entered and have paid the fee including the $10 gift to Cystic Fibrosis. These pacers can run fragments of the course, and dash ahead to get aid for a solo runner or multi-leg runner. They will be assigned a number, but they must not cross the finish line if they have not completed the course. You cannot add a pacer after the race fills up.

I AM RUNNING SOLO, HOW WILL I GET BACK TO THE START?  Solo  runners should come to the Liberty Hall banquet even if they are not eating, and let the DJ know that they need a ride back to the start. The DJ will make an announcement. We have never had a problem finding rides.

WHAT WILL SOLO RUNNERS FIND AT THE AID STATIONS?  Note that Aid Station food is only for the solo runners. Teams should pack food and drink in their cars and replenish in their cars.  There are over 3200 Relay runners that make it hard for solos to find the tiny table with the water.  There will also be some sports drink, bananas, peanut butter sandwich,  cookies, GU and Salt tablets.  Portable toilets will be available at the start, finish, and at all the aid stations. One porta pot will be designated with a sign for solo priority and solos can move to the head of the line.

CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE DROP BAGS FOR SOLO RUNNERS?  You should have no trouble running the race without drop bags. There are snacks and sports drink at each stop. The race director can carry your bag to the finish if you need one there.

ARE THERE SHOWER FACILITIES?  Take your own towel to the Lawrence Community Building, 115 W 11th Street, Lawrence, KS, six blocks from FreeState Brewery and Liberty Hall, 9:30 am to 5 pm.

IF THE WEATHER IS BAD, WILL THE RACE BE CANCELED?   The race will not be canceled.  If you feel the conditions are dangerous, drive your car to Lawrence and enjoy the meal. Watch the weather before the race and pack adequate clothing.

WHAT HOTELS ARE NEAR THE START?   Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center  (816) 474-4400.  Rates are deluxe.  The Best Western, (1.5 miles from the start), is at 501 SW Blvd., 1-800-528-1234.  The American Inn (3 miles, $cheap) is at I-35 and Armour (North of the Missouri River).

WHO PROVIDES THE AWARDS?  Again this year, GARRY GRIBBLE’S RUNNING SPORTS  provides many of  our awards. The permanent awards are made by Lou Joline. The shirts and posters are designed by Trudy Nepstad. Glassware and shirts are provided by the BOULEVARD BREWERY and the Kansas City Track Club. Mattie Mullins creates the solo and two person team medallions and award mugs.

WHERE CAN I FIND THE COMPLETE RESULTS? Division winners are announced from the stage of Liberty Hall as soon as we are certain of the winner. Summary Results will be published in the Kansas City Star and the Lawrence Journal on Monday or Tuesday after the race.  Complete results will be on these web sites: www.kctrack.org and www.brewtobrew.com.

WHAT IF I HAVE TO DROP OUT?   If you cannot complete the course,  tell the Station Captain at an exchange station and we will get a ride for you.

ARE THERE RACE PICTURES?  Before the start your team can have a team picture taken near the door to the Boulevard Brewery. Out on the course candid pictures are taken and you can download them free of charge by going to the web site www.seekcrun.com.

CAN I GET A RECEIPT TO DEDUCT MY FEES FROM MY TAXES?  Each runner donates a minimum of $10 and every dollar they donate is tax deductible. If you want a receipt simply email kctcrunner@gmail.com . Teams donating $200 or more compete in the Generous Division.   Last year we were able to raise over $62,500.  We do not have any corporate cash sponsors.

I AM INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING.  WHAT DO VOLUNTEERS DO AND WHERE WILL VOLUNTEERS BE PLACED?    Volunteers can work the day before the run or the day of the run. The jobs include packet stuffing, packet pickup, marking the course, making awards, working the starting line in Kansas City, working the finish line in Lawrence, working one of the exchange points to control traffic, helping with the boat on leg 7 if you are young and healthy, and more. Volunteers can drive themselves to their post, or we can arrange for them to ride with someone else. Volunteers get a red fleece vest  or their choice of shirts and a free meal and drinks.   Sign up Online  or email us at kctcrunner@gmail.com and include your name, address, email, phone, shirt size and preferred volunteer location/task.

HOW CAN I MAKE SUGGESTIONS AND COMMENTS? We appreciate your participation!Please make suggestions for next year by emailing kctcrunner@gmail.com. We have implemented many suggestions from past runs.